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Oh my goodness, I have finally got to test the long and awaited eyeshadow collaboration KKW X MARIO Artist & Muse Eyeshadow palette. I have literally been waiting patiently and now I have tested out the eyeshadow it is exactly how I imagined it. Firstly let's start with the packaging and eyeshadow palette art it is a very minimal sandy tone with a picture capturing Mario doing Kim's eyes it has the writing KKW X MARIO but the writing is kind of invisible so the image stands out. I love that because I feel its a timeless palette it captures pretty much their journey together which is Kim as Mario's muse and Mario being Kim's artist, the concept is so beautiful and the palette its self is lightweight a good travel size for me that's the bonus because I dislike huge palettes because you can't travel everywhere with them but this is a perfect size. 

Another feature the palette has a mirror so you can see how you are applying the product as you use it. It has a magnetic feature to so easy to open and close. Now let's move on to the important part the eyeshadows are 10 colours which consist of; mattes, metallic shows, nudes, browns, and golds. Personally, I feel these are the colours anyone would use on a daily basis because they are more versatile softer pigmented. The palette contains a lot of browns so you literally have base and transition colours to start your eye look then you have more deep shades of brown to start smoking out the eye a little, golds and metallic shadows which just lift the eye more and create openness. What I love about the eyeshadows is the switch between going from day to night for me that is what I personally look for in a palette especially when I invest in them because I believe that when you starting makeup or even on day to day basis you need a palette which will cover you all day, every occasion without having to use so many palettes jut to achieve an eyeshadow look.

What I also love about the palette is the fact that you can use this as well for brides the colors are amazing for a beautiful natural soft look. Although the palette costs $45 for what you get I think it's worth it, it definitely will be part of my eyeshadow collections for many years. I also tried out the lip liner I tried out the Beauty icon which I must say I love so much its such rich and soft lip liner the brown shade is basically what most skin tones would use to line the lips and create definition, I love how the lip liner doesn't live your lips feeling dry. I definitely think it's worth it. Overall I  would give the palette and lip liner a 10/10 because you can tell that so much work and effort went into this. The palette is versatile and pigmented. The downside is just the shipping but other than that the quality of this product is definitely worth the wait!

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The Artist & Muse Eyeshadow Palette

- Beauty Icon lip Liner

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