Wednesday 30 December 2020


Have you ever met or been around someone who is always negative, toxic to the point that it actually starts to affect you and your life. I can hear you reading this saying hell yes. The problem with negative people is that once their feeling some type of way they want to literally tear down everyone just because they feel low about themselves so instead to make themselves feel amazing and validated, they think what am I going to do bring down let's bring down Jennifer down because if I'm not happy why should she be. 

I know you know exactly what I mean we have all had that one friend or family member who is always stuck in a rut there isn't a way out. Don't get me wrong I'm not even judging we have all been negative somehow somewhere, but there are people who are literally like mood killers and you know once she comes around negative Nancy's energy is going to put everyone in bad mood. You just got put Negative people in their place it is not worth having your energy stolen.  I have had to learn how to deal with people like this and I want to share with you the few steps that going to eliminate this and help you to keep your cool, calm and collected; 

1. Identify the issue and the trigger points 

Depending on the situation identify why it actually bothered you I find sometimes when people are negative normally what actually makes become bothered on invested is because there's actually an underlined issue sometimes it may be situations that bring up all issues which have been resurfaced, or for explaining some people who are negative may know that you don't have the most patient personality and easily get angry they play on that because they know your weaknesses. In a situation like this, I would highly suggest you distance yourself if it is bringing out the worst parts of you.  Just literally don't have an exchange with them at all, and you can articulate this in such a polite way like this “ say sorry at the moment I would rather not go ahead with this conversation "or walk away from them if they want to continue if it is through the phone even better just disconnect the call or tell them you are busy & you will call them later. 

Address it Heads On

2. Address it and don't let it build up, because chances are they don't even realize how negative their because no one ever actually tells them that I don't like this, and one thing I have learned you cannot let people drain your energy or bring you down its almost like disservice to yourself and Your mental health is so important. To address it Head on and be firm in what you believe in.

Walk away, if they still can't respect your feelings. 
3. Once you have expressed how you feel, if they still don't see where you are coming from the best way is to walk away from the drama, some situations don't need to be waited on to see what happens especially if someone always wants to bring you down and can't respect where you are coming from. You can't argue with them, you have to protect your space and your mental well-being. Miserable people only want to bring others down and no point wasting your time and energy. You can't take it personally even though it's easier said than done but you shouldn't be around someone who constantly wants to bring you down, people who care for you wouldn't see the joy in seeing you down or making you feel like you are worthless! To protect your peace, pray for them, and keep going. 

Remember you can only control yourself and how you react, not everyone is happy to see you happy, people battle with their own demons daily but you can't let them affect you. You are enough, you worthy, and fearfully made you will attract more people in your life who want to see you do good. No one has control over your life and especially words being spoken by someone. Remember the ball is in your court and your mental stability matters more than ever.  Walk away and don't suffer. Positive + Positive = Positivity , Negative + Negative = only attracts more negativity.


Friday 4 December 2020



In today’s blog post I wanted to share how I do an at-home manicure. Since lockdown has started I have had more time to give myself a manicure and I love it so much because I get to unwind & relax. I will be sharing with you a breakdown of everything I use to do at home manicure step by step.

Step 1 - I use an acrylic set, I purchased mine at the beginning of lockdown in March from Amazon after watching one of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus. They long-lasting strong and you can file them and cut them down to the shape & size that suits you. The only thing you have to purchase separately is the nail glue as the set doesn’t come with some.

Step 2: Picking the right nail polish and topcoat. I love using the Rimmel gel nail polish and Barry m gel nail polish they last for ages.

Step 3:  I purchased a nail dryer from Amazon, this has been a game-changer because I always used to smudge my nail polish every-time, and as you can imagine it would cause such a mess.


Monday 12 October 2020 / London, UK




 I believe starting your day early is so important even if you’re not going to work. It’s vital to start your day early because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. I find I am more productive with my workflow and also it means I can finish my day early.


 Get up early just like you are setting up for work. Have a shower change into something comfy that isn't pyjamas to help you get into work mode. 


It’s so important to have a clean and comfortable workspace, make sure you sit in a comfortable seat, and working on a table is better as you will feel more proactive and energetic, it gets you in that work mode frame of mind. I have found that when I work from my bed; I feel tired very sluggish and lazy.  If you don’t have a desk area you can get one from IKEA and a comfortable chair. 


Having a time when you set up for your day from start to finish is really beneficial for your mental well-being and structure. It allows you to be more efficient.


Make sure to have breaks in between your work from home as this breaks up your day allows you to rejuvenate your mind and giving yourself that mental rest by either going for a walk, making a quick snack, or catching with something that can help you deflect on work and just help with refocusing on something else really helps. I work 9-5 and my job is mentally draining, I find that when I take regular breaks and do something else to destress my mind & tackle more work and increase work productivity much better.


I’m such a bad culprit at this and have to constantly remind myself to switch my phone off whilst working as I find it to be the biggest distraction and actually causes me to procrastinate more. Sometimes I find myself scrolling and scrolling aimlessly throw people's posts or texting, it just eats up most of your workday. On the days when I switch my phone off during work hours, I find myself able to concentrate more and actually follow through with my schedule more effectively. Social media is just a no-no during work hours and switching your phone off and leaving it in another room is the best advice I can give you otherwise you can’t produce quality work. 


Monday 28 September 2020 / London, UK



With the new normal of wearing face masks during this pandemic, it has come with this new form of acne called Maskne caused by the tugging and rubbing of mask coverings. And I know a lot of people like myself can agree that it has just been such a pain trying to figure what to use to combat these breakouts. I have tried to incorporate these new simple tips in keeping those breakouts at bay and wanted to share them with you; So here they are; 

1. Making sure firstly you are using disposal mask that you can throw away to avoid bacteria harboring on your skin. Also using a mask which is made out of cloth as they are breathable and will allow air to circulate, these are also good because you can wash them and reuse them.

2. Washing your mask if it's washable, using non-bio laundry detergent. 

3. Make sure to cleanse your skin twice a day as this will help to kill bacteria and clean your pores. Particularly with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid as the salicylic acid will kill bacteria and help with the build-up of dirt and oils.

4. Use an astringent that will help keep your pores purified and help with neutralizing the PH of your skin which will result in a reduction of oil production. 

5. Ladies and Gents this one is for you to avoid wearing heavy makeup with masks on if you can try this will help your pores to breathe and not cause a build-up of trapped oils and prevent more breakouts from developing. 

Have you experienced Maskne ? Share with me if you have, I hope these tips help 


Tabeth Giselle 


Thursday 26 March 2020


Hey everyone , 

I haven't caught up with you all for a while, I just want to firstly say my thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by the corona virus it is vey devastating at the moment for everyone in the world , I am praying for everyone and I know this hard time will pass. With the current situation I wanted to do a blog post dedicated to things to do whilst self isolating and quarantine . I know for a lot of us it seems like life has stopped , and to be honest with the increasing cases no one knows when things will get back to normal. Hence why I am now going to give you guys ideas on what to do whilst self isolating literally there is so much you can do and keeping productive is essential for our wellbeing & mental state. Here's a breakdown on ideas ; 

1. Start a YouTube channel 

This is the best time to start a YouTube channel because everyone is at home people will be looking for entertainment and videos to distract their minds from the depressing news headlines. This will also encourage and inspire someone. The world needs positivity and good vibrations.

2. Read a book 

There are so many books to listen to on audible book to read which are so inspiring, that can help with character building, money management, being productive, how to save for a house. Currently, I am reading my theory test driving book because its something I actually have been procrastinating and I told myself at the start of this week that I need to just get down and read it and finish because the time isn't on our side so that's how I am keeping myself productive with my goals and keeping my brain going.... but literally there are audible books which will change your life by giving you that direction you may need.

3. Catch up on Netflix 

I just re-subscribed to my Netflix and I will be enjoying my favorite series & movies, this is the time to watch something at the moment there is a series called self-made based on the inspiring story of African - American entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker who built a haircare empire that made her American's first female self-made millionaire, I will be definitely watching this because I want to be feeding my brain with ideas, positive vibes.

4. Give yourself a pamper ……

This is the best time to pamper your skin, body, and mind, its the perfect time to catch up taking care of you because God knows once this is all over, it's hard to get that me time. 

5. Be productive 

No matter what you end up doing just use this time to catch up on things you never get to do whether is cleaning, decluttering, sorting out your finances & social media sites. Be useful guys we literally have in enough time on our hands there's no need to be just chilling 24hour we can chill but be productive. Also, keep fit, continue to eat healthy get your vitamin C and zinc and most of all stay indoors to protect yourself and everyone.

talk soon xoxo

Tuesday 4 February 2020 / London, UK


Oh my goodness, I have finally got to test the long and awaited eyeshadow collaboration KKW X MARIO Artist & Muse Eyeshadow palette. I have literally been waiting patiently and now I have tested out the eyeshadow it is exactly how I imagined it. Firstly let's start with the packaging and eyeshadow palette art it is a very minimal sandy tone with a picture capturing Mario doing Kim's eyes it has the writing KKW X MARIO but the writing is kind of invisible so the image stands out. I love that because I feel its a timeless palette it captures pretty much their journey together which is Kim as Mario's muse and Mario being Kim's artist, the concept is so beautiful and the palette its self is lightweight a good travel size for me that's the bonus because I dislike huge palettes because you can't travel everywhere with them but this is a perfect size. 

Another feature the palette has a mirror so you can see how you are applying the product as you use it. It has a magnetic feature to so easy to open and close. Now let's move on to the important part the eyeshadows are 10 colours which consist of; mattes, metallic shows, nudes, browns, and golds. Personally, I feel these are the colours anyone would use on a daily basis because they are more versatile softer pigmented. The palette contains a lot of browns so you literally have base and transition colours to start your eye look then you have more deep shades of brown to start smoking out the eye a little, golds and metallic shadows which just lift the eye more and create openness. What I love about the eyeshadows is the switch between going from day to night for me that is what I personally look for in a palette especially when I invest in them because I believe that when you starting makeup or even on day to day basis you need a palette which will cover you all day, every occasion without having to use so many palettes jut to achieve an eyeshadow look.

What I also love about the palette is the fact that you can use this as well for brides the colors are amazing for a beautiful natural soft look. Although the palette costs $45 for what you get I think it's worth it, it definitely will be part of my eyeshadow collections for many years. I also tried out the lip liner I tried out the Beauty icon which I must say I love so much its such rich and soft lip liner the brown shade is basically what most skin tones would use to line the lips and create definition, I love how the lip liner doesn't live your lips feeling dry. I definitely think it's worth it. Overall I  would give the palette and lip liner a 10/10 because you can tell that so much work and effort went into this. The palette is versatile and pigmented. The downside is just the shipping but other than that the quality of this product is definitely worth the wait!

Products Reviewed :  

The Artist & Muse Eyeshadow Palette

- Beauty Icon lip Liner

4.9 star rating


Monday 20 January 2020


Hey Dolls, 

Isn't it nice starting a New Fresh Year with New Goals, New Me All that. This year I have decided to be precise with my Goals creating realistic achievable Goals that I can get through to me this year isn't even about trying to be hard on myself is more so of achieving things that I didn't manage to tick off last year. 

2020 for me is about consistency more than ever I have such positive feeling about this year and believe that the more hard work by actively doing everything I want I will be able to be smiling back in December 2020 so being productive is definitely the way forward. 

The best way I came up with a realistic and productive list is by writing it down rather than trying to cram everything in my mind because I believe in order to execute a goal or anything you need to apply on to the paper. So here are some of my Personal Goals I have set for my self ; 

1. Take care of my self 

Making sure that I have enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise in order for me to be productive I need to get my health at 100% high performance. 

- Regular Spa days 
- Time to detox for  Social media once a week 
- Time off work 
- Travelling and enjoying fun dates with my loved ones 
- Self-care days 
- Health diet and Plenty of water 
- Using my time wisely - reading and listening to audible books to influence and better my mind & life * Currently listening to Heart & Hustle by Patricia Bright which is such an inspiring book, gives you knowledge on life how to position yourself in terms of business and career-wise. 

2. I really want to pass my theory test and Practical 

I have literally been slacking and kind of gave up on it but I need to stay positive and focused I know I can do it just read read read which by the way I hate but it got to be done the sacrifice will pay off!

3. I want a New job - More Money 

I think I have gotten to the stage now where I am craving for new opportunities, I feel when you are young its the time to explore and the sky is the limit I think I'm ready for a new experience my dream job is being Full-time Beauty Influencer and Business Entrepreneur in Beauty of course & Property Investor. If you are in this position just like me I challenge you to try something different go for it you don't know until you try  :)

4. I want to save a lot so I can be a HOMEOWNER

My dream is to be a Home Owner that's where my heart is dolls, to have a place I call home I would like to invest in my own property one day so having mine is the way forward. It's the satisfaction we crave for in this life to have something of our own. 

So these are my Goals 4 simple and realistic Goals, I truly believe that Consistency is the key we can plan year in year out but applying everything, giving ourselves realistic time will definitely enable us to Tick everything off! Work on each Goal every day and Trust me they will come true!


Monday 6 January 2020 / London, UK


Hey Guys!

Guess who's back sorry I have been MIA traveling up and down, enjoying the festivities, and building some great content for you all in 2020. Amongst all of this, I am battling a sore throat but I really wanted to get back into writing and sharing with you my recent trip to London for New years - all the cute pictures I took on my trip. I stayed at Apex Hotel London Wall the hotel is 4 star, customer service was very good and the room was very comfortable.

Lights at Fireworks on New Years Eve at the London Eye

Me at Peggy Porsche’s Cakes in Chelsea 

Me Outside Apex Hotels

Peggy Porschen

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