Sunday 21 January 2024



For my 30th I visited Mykonos for the first time. Firstly I want to say I had always dreamt of visiting Mykonos and the opportunity finally came. My fiancĂ© surprised me with the holiday. 

We stayed at Panormos Bay luxury suites and Villas. It’s 12minutes drive from Mykonos Old Port. Firstly the villa was exceptional very clean impeccable views to look at every morning. We stayed in the Executive Suite 1 which had a private pool.




Every morning, we had breakfast buffet it was so lovely to have fresh fruit and authentic greek yoghurt. The staff were very lovely if you wanted omelette they would make it for you. The only negative thing I would say is there is a lot of stray cats so don’t be surprised if they join you at breakfast I didn’t enjoy this part as I am not a cat lover. 





The other negative thing I can say about Mykonos is that it is not cheap island to visit it’s very pricey to order a taxi it’s about £30 just for a short ride so not ideal.  I would suggest staying in the main town area or renting a car whilst you are out there as this might be a better option but let me warn you watch out for the rocky roads and potholes. Apart from this it’s actually a beautiful island the people are lovely. 



We went for wine tasting at Traditional farm on day 1 we booked it through this website:


The wine was delicious and service was amazing the winery is run as a family business. We met a couple from Australia and another from Chicago so it made the experience even better as it was nice to connect with others from a different country. Alongside the wine we were served fresh bread tomatoes, some dips. 



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