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Hey dolls , as part of women’s month I wanted to write a blog post on something that I have incorporated into my morning routine this past 2 months and has helped with bloating and improving my digestion. It is the Lemon and ginger tonic which I was inspired by Lydia Millen she has it every morning at the start of her day , I had to try it for myself and I can truly say my body feels more energetic, my tummy is not as heavy and bloated , my digestion let’s just say it keeps things moving regularly.

It’s super easy to make and I make enough to last me the whole week , I store it in the fridge then all I do is every morning I pour it into a small cup add bit of hot water then drink it . It’s the best start to my day nowadays and also amazing for your general health as you may know ginger is so good for your tummy, digestion. Lemon is high in vitamin c helps with your immune system , detoxing and also amazing for your ski and keeping the bloat of your tummy.

If you want to try it out here’s how to make Lemon and Ginger Tonic

Disclaimer you can have it as a shot, add a spoonful of honey I prefer not sweeteners  

2-3 lemons 

100g of ginger grated 

500mls of water to boil 

Step 1: Grate the ginger 

Step 2: add water into the pot with ginger - leave to boil for 6 minutes 

Step 3: Strain the tonic to remove the ginger  leaving just the liquid 

Step 4: Squeeze some lemon into a cup of ginger tea

And enjoy your cup of lemon and ginger tonic 

Let me know how your Lemon and ginger tonic is going 

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