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I have been so eager to write about this on my blog it really changed my way of thinking you don't understand how the Power of Law Attraction has influenced my mind, body, and soul. My mindset has completely changed since I started to eliminate this from my life. So, a few years ago I discovered the Secret by Rhonda Byrne which enabled me to know more about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting Positivity into my life. If you have Netflix I suggest watching on there as it will be more powerful and effective. I have literally got friends to watch it and after they have watched it they feel so good and their perception of how they respond to situations and how they view their life completely changes. You can also download the App on AppStore called Daily Teachings as it helps with everyday affirmations and teachings which will transform your life and get you thinking, Thank me later 

These 4 steps will change your Life

1. Letting go

It's so easy to hold onto excess baggage and the what-ifs, but what I have learned from studying the law of attraction is that in order to attract positive energy you have to let go of everything because without doing so it restricts you from receiving positive vibrations. So it is important to let go and leave it to the Universe to deal with it, trust that everything will work out as it should, forgive yourself, and forgive others in the process because you want to attract better opportunities with a clear perspective.

2. Creating your vision board

So creating your vision board is the second step to the Law of attraction, the whole idea is to basically put all your dreams and goals on a board & spending time each day to manifest positive energy around those goals. Writing all your goals or adding images to the board enables you to visualize it each day and in order for every idea to become reality, it's all about building positive thoughts around it, believing that you will receive everything you want no matter how crazy the idea might be. 

3. Speaking positive words and having a positive mindset


It's so important to speak positive words about everything you do, its so easy to fall into a negative pattern and I have definitely seen that the days when I spend complaining and just talking badly about everything around me in a negative way, it's truly defined ended up on a bad note day. 

I have had to train my mind to think, see and believe in positive thoughts; because it only hinders your future, the most successful people don't spend time telling themselves the worst comments ever they have had to train their minds into believing that even though we may all have bad days but it doesn't have to be an everyday mantra. It starts from the time you wake up the smallest things like me spreading my bed has actually helped to start my day on the bright side, praying and listening to motivation videos, avoiding talking to people who always just talk badly about everything has truly helped my mindset and find that when I do feel sad or low I don't stay in such a bad time. I have also learned that I can't control what happens around me but I can definitely control my reactions and my mind no matter the situation. Also, I have learned that in order for me to attract New blessings, great energy It starts all with what I say before saying it, and if it's not going to build me don't bother saying it.  It is not about being rich or anything it is just about Your Mindset and your reactions. 

4. Change it if you can't stand it

If you are unhappy with whatever you are doing in life, so, for example, let's say you want to save a certain amount of money by a certain time give yourself a realistic time, and the start of small I always starting small is better than nothing at all and I'm sure you have all heard this before, review this goal after 6 months and see what has worked what hasn't, maybe consider starting a part-time job, or working overtime or even better-paid job - there's always ways you can improvise and make it work. 

if you want to start a new hobby and don't know how, plan, draft and write everything done as you have imagined it, figure out the first step of starting it I believe there's always a way to making anything work sometimes it just takes time to reflect and plan. Everything always starts as an idea and becomes reality. 


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