Monday 20 January 2020


Hey Dolls, 

Isn't it nice starting a New Fresh Year with New Goals, New Me All that. This year I have decided to be precise with my Goals creating realistic achievable Goals that I can get through to me this year isn't even about trying to be hard on myself is more so of achieving things that I didn't manage to tick off last year. 

2020 for me is about consistency more than ever I have such positive feeling about this year and believe that the more hard work by actively doing everything I want I will be able to be smiling back in December 2020 so being productive is definitely the way forward. 

The best way I came up with a realistic and productive list is by writing it down rather than trying to cram everything in my mind because I believe in order to execute a goal or anything you need to apply on to the paper. So here are some of my Personal Goals I have set for my self ; 

1. Take care of my self 

Making sure that I have enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise in order for me to be productive I need to get my health at 100% high performance. 

- Regular Spa days 
- Time to detox for  Social media once a week 
- Time off work 
- Travelling and enjoying fun dates with my loved ones 
- Self-care days 
- Health diet and Plenty of water 
- Using my time wisely - reading and listening to audible books to influence and better my mind & life * Currently listening to Heart & Hustle by Patricia Bright which is such an inspiring book, gives you knowledge on life how to position yourself in terms of business and career-wise. 

2. I really want to pass my theory test and Practical 

I have literally been slacking and kind of gave up on it but I need to stay positive and focused I know I can do it just read read read which by the way I hate but it got to be done the sacrifice will pay off!

3. I want a New job - More Money 

I think I have gotten to the stage now where I am craving for new opportunities, I feel when you are young its the time to explore and the sky is the limit I think I'm ready for a new experience my dream job is being Full-time Beauty Influencer and Business Entrepreneur in Beauty of course & Property Investor. If you are in this position just like me I challenge you to try something different go for it you don't know until you try  :)

4. I want to save a lot so I can be a HOMEOWNER

My dream is to be a Home Owner that's where my heart is dolls, to have a place I call home I would like to invest in my own property one day so having mine is the way forward. It's the satisfaction we crave for in this life to have something of our own. 

So these are my Goals 4 simple and realistic Goals, I truly believe that Consistency is the key we can plan year in year out but applying everything, giving ourselves realistic time will definitely enable us to Tick everything off! Work on each Goal every day and Trust me they will come true!


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