Thursday, 26 March 2020


Hey everyone , 

I haven't caught up with you all for a while , I just want to firstly say my thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by the corona virus it is vey devastating at the moment for everyone in the world , I am praying for everyone and I know this hard time will pass. With the current situation I wanted to do a blog post dedicated to things to do whilst self isolating and quarantine . I know for a lot of us it seems like life has stopped , and to be honest with the increasing cases no one knows when things will get back to normal. Hence why I am now going to give you guys ideas on what to do whilst self isolating literally there is so much you can do and keeping productive is essential for our wellbeing & mental state. Here's a breakdown on ideas ; 

1. Start a YouTube channel 

This is the best time to start a YouTube channel , because everyone is at home people will be looking for entertainment and videos to distract their mind on the depressing News head lines. This will also encourage and inspire someone . The world needs positivity and good vibrations.

2. Read a book 

There's so many books to listen to on audible book to read which are so inspiring, that can help with character building , money management , being productive , how to save for a house . Currently I am reading my theory test driving book because its something I actually have been procrastinating and I told myself at the start of this week that I need to just get down and read it and finish because the time isn't on our side so that's how I am keeping myself productive with my goals and keeping my brain going.... but literally there is audible books which will change your life by giving you that direction you may need.

3. Catchup on Netflix …...

I just re-subscribed to my netflix and I will be enjoying my favourite series & movies , this is the time to watch something at the moment there is a series called self made based on inspiring story of African - American entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker who built a haircare empire that made her American's first female self made millionaire, I will be definitely watching this because I want to be feeding my brain with ideas , positive vibes.

4. Give yourself a pamper ……

This is the best time to pamper your skin, body and mind , its the perfect time to catch up taking care of you because God knows once this is all over , its hard to get that me time. 

5. Be productive 

No matter what you end up doing just use this time to catchup on things you never get to do whether is cleaning , decluttering , sorting out your finances & social media sites . Be useful guys we literally have in enough time on our hands theres no need to be just chilling 24hour we can chill but be productive. Also keep fit , continue to eat healthy get your vitamin C and zinc and most of all stay indoors protect yourself and everyone.

Love you guys talk soon xoxo

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