Tuesday 17 October 2023 / London, UK


 Tips on taking care of yourself 

 There is a few things I will do in order to start my self care day, which is normally on Sundays.
Here's a list of my kit to self care
  • Candles are at the top of my list; I always light up candles all day everyday they keep me so calm, serene and add solace to my home . So I usually light up a candle on my self care days to start my relaxation and play soft music in the background. 

  • I love adding bath bomb to my bath. This adds colour to the bath and smell so good. I buy my bath bombs from lush cosmetics. 

  • Pour a glass of your favourite wine/ non-alcoholic drink - this is nice way to also helps with relaxing and unwind especially after a stress day. 

  • Order or make your favourite meal - eating a lovely meal makes me feel very good.

  • Take 5 minutes to write in your journal - this is such great way to offload your mind and release your mind to help improve your mental health. This a great way to cultivate positive thoughts. 

  • Read a book

  • Watch your favourite movie 

  • Take a brisk walk outside to get fresh air 

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