Friday 4 December 2020



In today’s blog post I wanted to share how I do an at-home manicure. Since lockdown has started I have had more time to give myself a manicure and I love it so much because I get to unwind & relax. I will be sharing with you a breakdown of everything I use to do at home manicure step by step.

Step 1 - I use an acrylic set, I purchased mine at the beginning of lockdown in March from Amazon after watching one of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus. They long-lasting strong and you can file them and cut them down to the shape & size that suits you. The only thing you have to purchase separately is the nail glue as the set doesn’t come with some.

Step 2: Picking the right nail polish and topcoat. I love using the Rimmel gel nail polish and Barry m gel nail polish they last for ages.

Step 3:  I purchased a nail dryer from Amazon, this has been a game-changer because I always used to smudge my nail polish every-time, and as you can imagine it would cause such a mess.


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