Wednesday 30 December 2020


Have you ever met or been around someone who is always negative, toxic to the point that it actually starts to affect you and your life. I can hear you reading this saying hell yes. The problem with negative people is that once their feeling some type of way they want to literally tear down everyone just because they feel low about themselves so instead to make themselves feel amazing and validated, they think what am I going to do bring down let's bring down Jennifer down because if I'm not happy why should she be. 

I know you know exactly what I mean we have all had that one friend or family member who is always stuck in a rut there isn't a way out. Don't get me wrong I'm not even judging we have all been negative somehow somewhere, but there are people who are literally like mood killers and you know once she comes around negative Nancy's energy is going to put everyone in bad mood. You just got put Negative people in their place it is not worth having your energy stolen.  I have had to learn how to deal with people like this and I want to share with you the few steps that going to eliminate this and help you to keep your cool, calm and collected; 

1. Identify the issue and the trigger points 

Depending on the situation identify why it actually bothered you I find sometimes when people are negative normally what actually makes become bothered on invested is because there's actually an underlined issue sometimes it may be situations that bring up all issues which have been resurfaced, or for explaining some people who are negative may know that you don't have the most patient personality and easily get angry they play on that because they know your weaknesses. In a situation like this, I would highly suggest you distance yourself if it is bringing out the worst parts of you.  Just literally don't have an exchange with them at all, and you can articulate this in such a polite way like this “ say sorry at the moment I would rather not go ahead with this conversation "or walk away from them if they want to continue if it is through the phone even better just disconnect the call or tell them you are busy & you will call them later. 

Address it Heads On

2. Address it and don't let it build up, because chances are they don't even realize how negative their because no one ever actually tells them that I don't like this, and one thing I have learned you cannot let people drain your energy or bring you down its almost like disservice to yourself and Your mental health is so important. To address it Head on and be firm in what you believe in.

Walk away, if they still can't respect your feelings. 
3. Once you have expressed how you feel, if they still don't see where you are coming from the best way is to walk away from the drama, some situations don't need to be waited on to see what happens especially if someone always wants to bring you down and can't respect where you are coming from. You can't argue with them, you have to protect your space and your mental well-being. Miserable people only want to bring others down and no point wasting your time and energy. You can't take it personally even though it's easier said than done but you shouldn't be around someone who constantly wants to bring you down, people who care for you wouldn't see the joy in seeing you down or making you feel like you are worthless! To protect your peace, pray for them, and keep going. 

Remember you can only control yourself and how you react, not everyone is happy to see you happy, people battle with their own demons daily but you can't let them affect you. You are enough, you worthy, and fearfully made you will attract more people in your life who want to see you do good. No one has control over your life and especially words being spoken by someone. Remember the ball is in your court and your mental stability matters more than ever.  Walk away and don't suffer. Positive + Positive = Positivity , Negative + Negative = only attracts more negativity.


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