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Happy New Year, everyone I can't believe we've made it safely into 2021. What a year 2020 has been, I'm just super grateful to be healthy and alive first and foremost. If you have made it this far I'm so grateful for your life. One thing 2020 taught me was being grateful and going after your goals & dreams because tomorrow isn't promised. This brings me to today's blog post. 

New Year is a time of setting goals for the year, in this blog post I want to give you all some ideas on setting your own goals if you are currently stuck, and not feeling motivated especially after last year. I hope these ideas will help you.

1. Setting out your focus - what is your theme for this year e.g.; is you focus on money management, career opportunities, improving your health and wellbeing. 

2. Plan - planning and preparation on how to achieve your goals is very vital. I personally like to write down all my plans so for example for each month I have a different target to achieve which benefits in me meeting my overall goals, so it means every day I have to set out a to-do list. In order to plan, I have recently started using free blank printable for each month, you can print these out from Google and are able to jot down every day what you would like to achieve its so good because you can stick them on your fridge and are able to see it every day.  I believe seeing your goals in front of you helps to not forget them.

Click here for a free printable for January;

I also like to make use of daily planner/organizer apps which really help with my to-do lists and goals on the go, especially if you find it easy to get through your list remotely.  

Here's a list of apps that you can download available for IOS and androids users 

- Planbella - (Free for 7days then 8.99 a month) iPhone users - Planner app is a minimal and modern calendar app with an exceptional design. It is a digital version of your bullet journal where you can organize events, tasks, and notes - all in one elegant agenda. 

- Google Calendar - (free) iPhone and android users  - you spend less time managing your schedule and more time enjoying it. Available on Android, iPhone, and iPad

3. Action - Just do it, I sometimes struggle with procrastinating ideas in my mind but what I have learned the longer you take and overthink it you are actually not accomplishing it so it is just important to just do it. Give you a time frame for each goal a realistic time frame of 3months, 6months, and work towards it. 

4. Avoid negative people when achieving goals you need to position your mind in a great space so you are able to reach your goals. Negative people will only discourage you then go after their dreams. I suggest keeping your goals to yourself until you have executed them, to avoid naysayers.  

I hope that was helpful, leave me your goals and comment. Wishing you a prosperous and successful 2021.

Bye for now

Tabeth Giselle



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