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Most people assume that to be a blogger or vlogger you need to spend £3,000 on equipment but you actually don't when I first started my YouTube in 2011, I literally didn't even know about ring lights or even invested in a camera at all. I would use a pile of books to stabilize my IPAD then literally record my videos whilst using daylight lightning and for a few years guys, it actually worked. At the time I was only 18 years old not working many hours to be able to afford a professional kit, so trust me I just improvised, and that's pretty much what I would advise on anyone starting don't be so rushed to buy equipment for loads of money because being a blogger/vlogger is literally a journey.  When you begin your journey make sure that whichever camera you are using is clear, the lighting is good: so people can be able to see what you are doing especially if you going to be filming makeup/beauty tutorials or even vlogs. 

Don't worry about growing your equipment or buying everything in one go, buy everything bit by bit or save enough to buy it altogether if that's the choice you end up going for. Being a blogger/vlogger can be an expensive hobby but if you invest bit by bit it works out great for your pocket. 

Now I want to share with you my equipment and I have been using all these items for a few years now and its been working great for me; 

1. Firstly you will need to purchase a camera with a good lens; I am currently
using; Canon G7 Mark 11 High Performance Compact Camera - Black 
Costs : £619.99 Shop here 

When I started my blogging journey I used to use:Canon Power shot SX430 20MP 45x Zoom Bridge Camera - Black

Costs: £579.00 Shop here 

Memory cards

2. Lighting:  [Ring light]

Neewer 14-inch Fluorescent Ring Light Lighting Kit 

Costs: £51.99

3. Laptop to Edit your videos 


I currently am using: MacBook Pro Shop here  I edit my videos on Final Cut Pro. 

When I started my journey I used to use the The Lenovo Idea pad 330 and edit on Hitfilm Express. 

But if you are starting you can edit on your iPhone you don't have to buy an expensive laptop to begin with. 

This what I use everyone's budget is different but I would say these are three essential items you will need to start your blogging career everything else will follow as you become more exposed and as your content grows. 

I hope you find this helpful, please make sure to let me know how you find it, if you need more suggestions to hesitate to ask, remember to have fun with it. 


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