Saturday 23 November 2019 / Birmingham, UK


Guess who's back, everyone's favourite German Market every time the German market starts you just know Christmas and December are around the corner. If you know me you know I can't stand November but seeing the German Markets makes me so happy its something about the lights, Christmas décor the different stalls of food, sweet indulging treats, beer bars, and laughter with friends that just cheers me up. I literally feel like I can be a big kid again with the excitement of food, food, and more food. 

I would recommend that when attending the German Market you want to have an empty stomach ready to feast on all the food. The 2nd thing I would recommend is to make sure you withdraw some cash before heading to the stalls especially if you are going to drinking the alcoholic beverages you want to make sure you have taken enough to use the night to avoid having a large bill the next day, and most importantly because most of the stalls at the Market do not accept card payments. Thirdly I would advise going to the Market on Thursday or Wednesday around 4ish only because it's less busy, so you can grab yourself a German hot dog and beat the queues & crowds of people. Fourthly make sure you take a bunch of friends who will be a good sport or even a perfect date night with your significant other, it's definitely about the company.  Last but not least live in the moment because I tell you it comes once a year, try something new because there is a lot to try from the crepes filled with Nutella, to the jam-filled doughnuts, to the oversized long German hot dogs, honey roasted cashew nuts that smell so divine & glorious and of course bailey flavoured hot chocolate which is too die for there is everything you can think of the list is endless. 

You can also find Christmas souvenirs to purchase for Christmas gifts for special loved ones. Don't forget to take selfies galore because I did, enjoy the pictures for yourself and tell me what you think😍

Bye for now xxx

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